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Quantum Laser Center

The Quantum Laser Center offers 2 lasers for skin rejuvenation, the Pearl and Unipulse CO2, and one laser for lipolysis by Lipotherme. In properly selected patients, these lasers can assist is generating superb results. We are constantly in the hunt for new technology.

At the same time, we understand that lasers are not magic wands. Only patients who will benefit from delivery of laser energy will be treated in our unit. We won’t use them simply because we own them.

    • What are the features of the CO2 Laser?

    The laser center has had a CO2 laser for many years. It is very effective for treatment of extensive skin damage-deep wrinkles, dark discolouration, and contour problems. For patients who have lesser issues, the CO2 laser is too aggressive a treatment.
    • What are the features of the Pearl Laser?

    The Pearl laser, like the CO2 laser, has water as its target molecule. Delivered at a different wavelength, the energy is very rapidly taken up by the water in the epidermis converting it to heat. Much of the heat is dissipated into the air (rather than the dermis) so that the depth of laser injury is shallow. The Pearl laser is excellent for treating modest sun damage including dark spots, freckles, delicate wrinkling, and large pore size.